Copyright all rights reserved-Bal Bharati Public School,PitamPura Designed and Developed by-Bal Bharati Public School,Pitampura Transport is a facility extended to the students of the school & is not a matter of right for parents. The school reserves the right to alter or withdraw this facility on any of these routes with due notice to the parents. The routes are also likely to be changed in case of repair of the roads etc. by the civic authorities and no advance notice can be given to the students/parents in this regard. Such changes will remain operative till such time when the road is declared open & safe by the authorities. Parents are also requested not to make any comparison with other school routes & stop etc. Students, who avail the bus service facility, in case of discontinuation in the middle of the session, will not get the privilege again for the calendar year. It may be possible that the students applying late for the transport facility are denied because more than 60 persons (Students & staff) are not allowed to travel in a school bus as per rules. TRANSPORT AREAS 2016-17 - Transport updated on 15-5.2015 Home contact us BBPS  Morning Bus Route Primary & Montessori Department  (2016-17) Afternoon Bus Route Montessori Department  (2016-17) Afternoon Bus Route Primary Department (2016-17) Bus Route Senior (2016-17)