Mathematics department of BAL BHARATI PUBLIC SCHOOL is working with a simple philosophy of teaching maths in a most practical way. Our teaching methodology, curriculum and strategy support this statement very well. At some point all school students invariably ask     “Why do we have to learn mathematics?”Answer to this question is easy and yet difficult. Besides all practical uses of the subject and its link with other subjects we often neglect the intrinsic beauty of its own sake.Mathematics is closely linked with clear and correct thinking which we try to imbibe in  the students. Because it teaches students to think, the study of mathematics is beneficial even in the absence of plausible practical uses of the mathematical topics selected.Certainly a more than  sufficient justification for teaching mathematics we would add that students should have skills and  abilities related to responsible personal budgeting. In order to achieve all above aims we here adopted a very effective strategy of teaching mathematics.We are also following open book exam  system which helps in achieving our aim of making students get rid of “maths phobia”. Students are allowed to open any book in the exam and thus save them from memorizing difficult formulas  and identities. This also, develops the skills among students of applying mathematical concepts more practically. Head Of Department: Mr R.Raman    1. Enable students to understand historical processes and circumstances.    2. Provide opportunity for students to be familiar with the diverse visions.    3. Develop the skills for logical reasoning and abstraction.    4. Inculcate attention to and respect for viewpoints other than one’s own.    5. Enable students to be familiar with some of the key political events and figures.    6. Develop their capacity to link macro processes with micro situations and their own life.    7. Encourage the students to a historical perspective of making sense of the contemporary ideas.    8. Enable the students to expand their horizon beyond India.    9. Equip students to be conscious of the way in which global events and processes shape our        everyday lives. 10.Strengthen their capacity for political analysis by thinking of contemporary developments in a       historical perspective. Head Of Department:Ms Beena S.Nair Head Mistress : Mrs Poonam Tyagi There are many different ways to teach young children but "BAL BHARATI PUBLIC SCHOOL" has adopted the most appropriate and the worlds widely accepted known as the Montessori method. This method is in used right from the beginning of this institution that was founded in 1944. The Montessori method was designed by a well-known Italian doctor Dr. Maria Montessori. It is based on the theory that senses are the gateways to knowledge. Children are learning best when they are using all their five senses i.e. touch, hearing, sight, taste and smell. This brings the real world into the classroom. It sustains their interest and gives the pre-school child the best possible start to learn things. No set timetable is followed. This allows the children to learn according to their individual needs. A beginning is made on the three R's: Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic . The letters are taught through tracings on sandpaper letters and side by side phonetic sounds are taught. The audio motor imagery helps to reinforce the graphs motor and to facilitate the retension of the forms of the letter. The handling of the pencil in the right manner is taught through excerises in which the child traces contours of geometrical shapes. Along with academics, importance is also given to co-curricular activities for an all round development of the child. Copyright all rights reserved-Bal Bharati Public School,PitamPura Designed and Developed by-Bal Bharati Public School,Pitampura BBPS  Home contact us