Copyright all rights reserved-Bal Bharati Public School,PitamPura Designed and Developed by-Bal Bharati Public School,Pitampura BBPS  BBPS Training Centre Child Education Society in the year 2007 established a Training Centre at Bal Bharati Public School  Pitampura School premises for providing Inservice Training Programme to the teachers and other staff  Members form various units of Bal Bharati Schools across the country. It is project of staff development to improve the quality of teaching and make our teachers and staff Members more professionally,  competent and empowered. Mr. S. K. Bhattacharya is the Chairman of the Training Centre. Mr. Suraj  Prakash, Advisor Child Education Society, former Principal CRPF School, Ms. Meenu Goswami Principal,  Bal Bharati Public School Pitampura and Ms. Rekha Sharma Principal Bal Bharati Public School Sector –  14, Rohini are the Members of the Managing Committee of the Training Centre   CLICK HERE TO VIEW DETAILS OF WORKSHOPS HELD IN BBPS TRAINING CENTRE,PITAMPURA