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MI-CAT (My Individual Knowledge Assessment Test) uploaded on 24.07.2014 NEXT >> << PREVIOUS Syllabus Class-VII CAT Exam - MATHS uploaded on 04.08.2014 Syllabus Class-V CAT Exam - MATHS uploaded on 25.07.2014 uploaded on 04.08.2014 Syllabus Class-V CAT Exam - ENGLISH uploaded on 04.08.2014 Class-V CAT Mathematics  Model Question Paper uploaded on 05.08.2014 S.O.F (Science Olympiad Foundation) uploaded on 05.08.2014 Class-V CAT English Model Q.Paper uploaded on 13.08.2014 Class-VII CAT English Model Question Paper (2014-15) Bal Bharati Public School MI_KAT information uploaded on 21.08.2014 Class - V Maths CPT Paper ( Sample Question) uploaded on 25.08.2014 Class-VII Maths CPT Paper (Sample Question) uploaded on 27.08.2014 Humming Bird circular uploaded on 22.09.2014 FINAL DATES OF OLYMPIADS uploaded on 22.09.2014 General Instructions to Candidates NGSE Examination 23.09.2014 WWF - India Wild Wisdom quiz -2014 01.10.2014 Assets Practice Questions till 9-may-2014 20.10.2014 Mi-KAT & Asset Exam REVISED DATES FOR THE EXTERNAL COMPETITIVE EXAMS 29.10.2014 Humming Bird Competition 15.1.2015 MI- KAT Result of class 3,4 & 5 29.1.2015 NGSE _Advance Level 25.2.2015 NNGSE LIST OF PARTICIPANTS 25.2.2015 Humming Bird Result 16.5.2015 Assets Practice Questions  24.4.2015 Assets Practice Questions  29.4.2015 Assets Practice Questions  28.5.2015 Assets Practice Questions June  30.7.2015 Assets Practice Questions June  30.7.2015 Assets Practice Questions June  30.7.2015 Schedule for ASSET Exam - 2015 18.8.2015 Assets Practice Questions  25.8.2015 S.O.F. (Science Olympiad Foundation) for class 3,4 and 5 11.9.2015 Dates for Science Olympiad  Foundation Primary 24.9.2015 MI-KAT_for class 3,4,5 Revised 24.9.2015 NSTSE-2016(National level Science Talent Search Examination 2016) 08.10.2015 FINAL DATES FOR OLYMPIADS 02.11.2015 More Olympiads 02.11.2015 SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation) Result Sheet 03.12.2015 Circular for International G.K. and IT Olympiads organised by Stride Networks + Consent Form 16.12.2015 SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation) Result Sheet 16.01.2016 SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation)(Mathematics) Result Sheet 20.01.2016 National Level Results 07.04.2016 IGNITE 2016 02.05.2016 ASSET and STRIDE IT OLYMPIAD DATES 06.06.2016 List of Olympiads (Primary Department) 2016-17 26.08.2016 Circular for International English Olympiad (Classes VI to X) 30.08.2016 Humming Bird Olympiad Preparatory Booklet Class 1  07.10.2016 ENGLISH  MATHEMATICS OMR / ANSWER SHEET GK G.K. syllabus for the Olympiad (Class – II) 07.10.2016 Primary Dept. Circular for Olympiads 24.11.2016 Sof international Sports knowledge Result 28.11.2016 NGSE Exam
As per NGSE Guidelines use of standalone calculator (scientific or ordinary) is allowed for all classes.
21.12.2016 WGSE-2017 circular 29.12.2016 16th_SOF_national_cyber_olympiad_ Result Sheet 11.01.2017 Circular for SCIENCE OPEN MERIT TEST – 2017 27.1.2017 19th_SOF_national_cyber_olympiad_ Result_Sheet 09.02.2017 10th_SOF_international_Mathematics_Olympiad_Result_Sheet 19.02.2017 Humming Bird olympiad Result