Copyright all rights reserved-Bal Bharati Public School,PitamPura Designed and Developed by-Bal Bharati Public School,Pitampura BBPS  COMPUTER LABS SCIENCE LABS.  At present we have one laboratory each for Physics,  Chemistry, Biology, General Science and Primary Science Lab.  These laboratories are fully equipped with the latest  infrastructure and play a major role in providing practical  experience to the students in their area of study. Students  do the science practicals in the physics, chemistry and  biology labs for 2 periods respectively during a week.  Classes 6 -8 go to general science lab and primary students  go to their lab for 2 periods during a week.  Not being far behind to experiment with new technology a computer room was  set up in 1990. It was equipped with ten PCs and one PCXT. Years after,  now there are fully equipped computer laboratories to cater to the  Primary, Middle and Senior departments. These computer laboratories have  more than 100 computers interlinked with three Servers (Pentium–IV). The  whole school has been covered under LAN connecting these 3 servers.  MATHS LAB A Math Lab is a space designed for students to learn mathematics by performing activities and hands on experience. Students are allowed to explore mathematical concepts and verify mathematical facts and theorems through a variety of activities using different materials.  These laboratories not only have been able to keep our students abreast  with the latest in the field of computer sciences but also have equipped  them with skills required to survive in this modern world. The students  use these labs effectively to satisfy their curious mind and gather  information relevant to their course.