Association with GOONJ NGO is two years long and we send books,cloth, toys , cassets and other required material time to time. During Ladakh disaster our primary children collected the food packets such as Biscuits, Daliya, Cornflakes, Chana and other eatables and send to the needy through Goonj. This effort is just to make our children sensitive towards the social issues and be responsible in the hour of need. We are also associated with the ASHISH CENTER. Our students visited the center where they observed a occupational therapy session in a fully equipped room where the children were learning basic communication and taking turns.  They also watched students practice for their annual function on 18 December.  Next, our students interacted with the children.  Last, our students wrapped some gifts for the annual function. Copyright all rights reserved-Bal Bharati Public School,PitamPura Designed and Developed by-Bal Bharati Public School,Pitampura BBPS  Home contact us Interact Club set up a special stall on the Annual Exhibition and Annual Fete besides  the different PTM’S to sell the merchandise made by the inmates of Tihar Jail. The   stall saw brisk activity with the parents and students making  themselves aware of   the different projects of the Interact Club of BBPS, Pitampura.  The school has introduced Interact Club for the students of grades 7 to 11   with the purpose of sensitizing them to social issues and to focus on the   less privileged sections of the society. The club aims at instilling in the   students the importance of sharing and giving back to the society   through its various community service programs.  EACH ONE TEACH ONE EACH ONE TEACH ONE