For inclusion to succeed, the school will provide continuing in-service training in the areas of team building between the general and special education teachers, co-operative learning strategies and techniques and strategies to modify instruction. We also seek to make parents active participants in the life of the school. Empowering them by conducting workshops for them periodically will ensure that the program followed at school is carried forward at home and ensure that everybody works towards a common goal.
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On-going staff training and co-partnering with parents
To make inclusion work effectively for children with varied degrees of difficulty, a multi- pronged approach has been adopted. This has been done based on functional assessments done by special educators. Individualized Educational Plans based on these assessments are made which envisage all the needs of the child, including academics, language development, speech and communication, physical and sensory needs. Learning of high-functioning children with special needs in the classroom is enabled by the general teaching methodology, giving accommodations as per the CBSE guidelines as well as peer support. Regular remedial sessions address the specific needs of these children, which in turn help them to adapt to the needs of a mainstream classroom. Curriculum Reduction- Some children need intensive remediation in academics only. These children are pulled out for their academic subjects to work in small groups of 3 or 4 so that their specific needs are met, their gaps in learning addressed and their joy for learning facilitated. With time these children will be ready to continue their learning in the mainstream classes.
The Program
The resource room offers services such as special education, occupational therapy, physical fitness and speech and communication and counseling services for parents and students.
Facilities at the Resource Centre
We at Bal Bharati, Pitampura believe that all students have the right to access opportunities and experiences that reflect and respect their differences and abilities. This is made possible by monitoring student progress, developing effective learning strategies, providing timely interventions and inculcating a strong partnership between the schools, parent and students.  Inclusion is the participation of special needs students in regular classrooms and provision of support services to these students to address their individual differences and needs. The Resource Centre acknowledges the special needs of students and endeavours to provide opportunities for Inclusive Education through accommodations and remedial interventions. The main objective of inclusive education is that all students in a school, regardless of their strengths and their weaknesses, become part of the school community. Every student develops a sense of belongingness with other students, teachers, and support staff, regardless of their abilities. Bal Bharati Pitampura envisions - (a) creating a model inclusive environment where diversity is valued and children with special   needs learn together and (b) bringing about attitudinal changes in the educational community.
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